About JL




Appears much younger than he really is. .


Son 26, Andy (G-Force) Daughter 24, Jessie (Grumpy Princess)

Shoe Size

10 1/2 EEE (Unless it’s a cowboy boot - 11 EE) This explains why JL does not tip over easily while speaking.


Flunked 10th Grade Enlish & Coleege Enlish

How I try to live my life:

Be careful the amount of grace, mercy, & forgiveness you withhold from those who disappoint you. It may come back as the measure you receive when it's your turn to fall. (Ancient wisdom - "Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." At some point everybody falls. The right thing to do is not to point a finger but rather reach out a hand.

Favorite Activities

Golf, Riding Harleys, Landscaping & Gardening, Sitting & Writing

Favorite High School Teacher

Mrs. Fanzler, his 10th Grade Enlish Teecher

Where has his career taken him?

Over the last 25 years, JL Glass has owned several businesses. Before creating “The JL Zone”, he was president and owner of Leland & Associates, a marketing and advertising firm in Minneapolis. Prior to the agency business he owned two restaurants.

During the twelve years he owned Leland & Associates, he developed a client list that included: SAM’S Club, Genmar, Texaco Lubricants - Houston, Texaco Xpress Lubes - MN, Billy Graham Association, National Association of Parents & Educators - MN, Next Media, Mercy & Unity Hospitals, ACE Hardware - MN and REMAX Associates Plus, just to name a few. From creating customer service programs to creating and placing broadcast advertising, JL draws on a wide range of experiences that are extremely helpful to business audiences. As a nationally known speaker, he’s best known for his humorous and motivational approach to solving problems for both business and personal life.

What is he like to be around?

JL is known to possess a very positive and outgoing personality. His humorous approach to life is well known amongst his clients, business associates and friends. As an entrepreneur who has owned several businesses over the last 25 years, JL has had countless opportunities to live out the experiences that provide credibility to his message. As a father and husband he has faced many obstacles. His personal life contributes heavily to every story. This includes his son at the age of 4 surviving a severe case of bacterial spinal meningitis and his daughter at the age of 7 surviving a brain tumor. He is often described as "a real person" by his audience and referred to as "very refreshing."

Who listens to him?

JL is a sought after speaker for local, regional and national associations, non-profit organizations, chambers, corporate events, conventions and seminars. These include University of MN - Carlson School of Management, Iowa Bankers Association, S.D. Department of Transportation, Construction Estimators Association of America, Lockheed Martin - (MN), Minnesota Department of Corrections, Department of Agriculture - (WA & AR), California Bankers Association, Credit Union Leagues in 22 states), Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives Association, Hoo Hoo International Conference (no really-they’re on the web), Scott County Employees, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Iowa, Aurora Health - (WI), Arizona Health Care Association, MN/Dakota’s Retail Hardware Assoc., Northwest Lumbers Assoc., and many others. In all, JL has traveled from Connecticut to California and New Mexico to Minnesota as a workshop instructor and comedic keynote entertainer.

Who doesn’t listen to him?

His daughter the “grumpy princess. His sister the matron of grumpy princess’s.

Out of all the people who were dying to hear him, have any died listening to him?

Yes, three. This isn't counting the guy who died waiting for one of JL's punch lines. We're not sure how many have been injured but it numbers in the thousands.